Project Description


Nothing is more relaxing or rewarding than a good massage from the skilled pair of hands belonging to a professional massage therapist.
Aesthetics in the Trails offers two primary forms of massage at our facility, Swedish Relaxation Massage and Hot Stone Massage, for your relaxation.
For the comfort of our therapist we require male clients to wear boxer shorts.

Swedish Relaxation Massage

If it’s your first visit to our facility or your first time getting a massage, a Swedish relaxation massage might be a good starting point for you, as it can be slow and gentle or vigorous, depending upon your desires and your massage therapist’s style.You will be asked if you have any injuries, medical conditions or specific areas of tension you would like to have a focus made upon during the massage. You may also be asked whether you would prefer light or firm pressure applied by the massage therapist’s hands.

This type of massage usually involves massage oil being worked into your muscle tissues, which helps to break up your muscles’ knots of tension, as the massage therapist strokes or kneads their way down or across your back and other problem areas such as your legs, arms, neck and shoulders.

Hot Stone Massage

This type of massage typically involves heated, flat stones of various sizes which are placed upon key points on the body believed to be energy centers that will allow the body to rebalance. The massage therapist may hold the stones and use them to massage certain parts of the body during this type of massage. Please speak up if you don’t like how the stones feel or if they’re too hot.
The stones’ heat is meant to relax the muscles, which allows the massage therapist to apply deep pressure and concentrate on each specific area. This type of massage is especially popular with those who get cold easily or those who may have muscle tensions and a variety of health issues including back pains, depression, circulation problems, arthritis or insomnia.